Our Mission:


We give young aspiring footballers the chance to be educated both on and off the football pitch. Combining full-time football with an MBA we give you the opportunity to progress. 

We believe in the principle of a student athlete and feel that it's important for any player to be educated both on and off the pitch. We understand that millions of players want to succeed as a professional footballer but that unfortunately it will not happen for everyone. Therefore having an education is vitally important to either fall back on or complement a career in football.


Masters Degree

Soccer smart understand that not all players will achieve a long term career in football and that it's important to have a thorough education to fall back on. To promote the message of a student athlete we are launching our unique football masters programme to help players be successfull both on and off the pitch. Our unique masters programme is designed for players to play full-time at our Spanish Academy whilst complementing a MBA in Business. We always place equal importance on the sport and the education and want our players to succeed in both. 

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1yr MBA

The player will combine his MBA with a full-time footballing programme. 



Play 7th division in spain

You will get the opportunity to  play in Spain's 7th tier and showcase your ability to coaches throughout the Spanish leagues. 




Play and train like a pro

Our programme includes daily training sessions, video analysis and access to all the facilities a professional would have access to.


Short courses



Soccer Smart are working in conjunction with FutCoach10 to offer  extensive Spanish football coaching courses to complement and further your technical and tactical coaching knowledge. Whether you are starting from scratch or are already a qualified coach, we have the course to complement your needs. 



Spain has produced some of the world's best goalkeepers over the decades. This is no coincidence and is product of the extensive coaching knowledge and dedication for the position. If you're passionate about goalkeeping and want to develop others then look no further than our official goalkeeping course in Spain to take your coaching ability to the next level. 


Football Player Agent Seminar

The work of a football agent has developed extensively over the last decade. With the monetary expansion of football, agents now need to have the knowledge not only to manage players but also understand the legal work and terminology found in contracts. Soccer Smart are now offering you the opportunity to attend our  seminar to further your understanding  and develop a comprehensive knowledge as an football agent.


High School Programme

Our boarding school programme is ideal for student athletes looking to prepare themselves for pro/semi-pro opportunities or college soccer scholarships in America. With us you can take advantage of our high quality facilities to take your soccer skills to the next level and also improve your knowledge in the classroom too. 

Finish your high school studies with us.

At Soccer Smart, we pride ourselves on educating footballers both on and off the field.