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The Programme

Together Soccer Smart and AQUORA can offer you an MBA program that has its own ESEUNE Business School title. The objective of the MBA is to contribute to the development and empowerment of talent, to connect it with the companies of AQUORA's business network all whilst participating in our full-time football academy. Our aim is to develop you into a professional footballer whilst playing 

The MBA has a clear focus on the use of new technologies, innovation and transformation of business models and offers a diverse and very complete methodological mix. Based on the methodology of "learning by doing" we aim to promote knowledge, experiences and skills within the participants.


What will you get after the MBA?

  • You will acquire a global vision of the operation of companies as well as understanding the relationship and importance of the different elements and areas that form it.

  • You will understand the environment and the organization as a key interrelated whole in the detection of business opportunities.

  • You will acquire a strategic and integrated vision of the organisation that facilitates decision making.

  • Understand and learn to interpret key financial economic concepts in business management.

  • You will develop competences and skills for the management of organizational talent.

  • You will visualize the client as the epicenter of business management and learn to guide actions towards their satisfaction.

  • You will develop innovative business plans through the promotion of entrepreneurial initiative.

  • You will deepen your knowledge in the design and implementation of digital business models that promote an organizational culture oriented to new technological challenges.

Course Dates:

Starts September 2019

What's Included?

The MBA programme comes with a a number of unique benefits for players.

  • Full term accommodation

  • A full-time footballing programme (training 2 times per day coached by former La Liga player and Crystal Palace FC coach)

  • An Internationally recognised MBA

  • Access to football pitch, swimming pool, gym and other facilities

  • Three meals per day

  • Weekly games against Spanish professional and semi-professional teams

  • Opportunities to play in the Spanish 7th division.

  • Player video analysis

  • Yoga

  • Further opportunities to play abroad upon graduation



MBA - Master in Business Administration

Do you want to carry out strategic and global training in key business areas?

In such a changing and competitive environment as today, where companies compete in contexts of uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and volatility, it is essential for managers to develop a comprehensive vision of the company to adapt to the speed of changes without losing sight of the business strategy. The success of the professionals that companies demand will depend on the use of multidisciplinary and multifunctional knowledge and skills in solving problems in the day to day of the company, and being able to lead the continuous changes faced by companies.

ESEUNE Business School, is a prestigious international business school, based in Bilbao (Spain) and Bjeing (China) with more than 25 years of experience in the development of MBA programs.


We propose the combination of a methodological mix based on three axes:



3.Professional development.

Through this methodology, it is possible to facilitate and adapt learning to the needs of an increasingly demanding competitive environment that requires continuous learning and relearning.

The Soccer Smart Academy Training Pitch

The Soccer Smart Academy Training Pitch

How are the training sessions developed?

1.Face-to-face sessions.

Essentially practical teaching, based on the professional experiences of teachers and the acquisition of validated methodologies and work models.

2.Practical cases.

Discussion and realization of practical cases, through which the students will work as a team and can propose solutions applying the acquired knowledge.

3.Virtual campus.

Virtual platform where students will find the necessary resources to solve practical cases. It is also a tool to facilitate group communication and is a meeting place to discuss, consult and propose topics of interest.

4.Online tutorials.

Through the virtual platform, students can solve doubts and maintain contact with the faculty.


We will rely on different technology solutions that will allow participants to experiment with real tools, currently used by companies in their digital transformation processes.

How is experiential learning enhanced?

1. Outdoor Training.

Activities outside the classroom that seek to deepen the fundamental managerial competencies in organisations in contexts of uncertainty and complexity (leadership, teamwork, innovation, resilience, executive intelligence, communication, conflict resolution, etc).

2. In-house cases.

We will recreate real cases in companies in various sectors (footwear, retail, luxury, logistics, industrial, services, toys, tourism, technology, etc.) and in addition to visiting and knowing the facilities of each company. MBA participants will try to solve a real challenge of the company led by a manager of the same. Inhouse cases will be an excellent opportunity to test the knowledge and methodologies acquired in the MBA, as well as being an opportunity to develop networking with companies in the area.

3. START UP HUB by The Ifedes Way.

The final project of the MBA will consist of a HUB, whereby in work teams, it will be proposed to develop a business idea and turn it into reality. Participants will have the support of IFEDES WAY, who are an organisation specialising in business acceleration, currently counting with more than 30 companies on their portofolio, and having launched more than 100 companies. IFEDES WAY is led by Tomás Guillén, President of the National Association of Business Angels.

How do we help you boost your career development?

1.Talent map.

Participants will conduct a Talent Diagnosis process, led by the Aquora Talent Search team, with the aim of defining their current leadership profile, and design a customized action plan for their career development.

2.Talent Bank.

All the participants will become part of our talent bank, accessing job offers from different sectors and companies.

3.Guaranteed Professional Practices Guaranteed.

Participants who meet the profile of the applicant for professional internship, may carry out an internship in several of the most important companies in the area.